Automation for cannabis growers

How to use automation for the cultivation of cannabis

  • More plants with
  • Less people
  • Happy workers

WPS has been a reliable partner in horticulture for years. Located in Westland, we are in the middle of the horticultural hot spot of the Netherlands. The technology and automation solutions we have developed for the cultivation of pot plants can also be applied for growing cannabis.
Thanks to conveyor belts and internal logistics solutions, you can make the production of cannabis more efficient, cheaper and transparent. Hard labor like moving pots and plants are automated with leaves you with happy and healthy workers.


How efficiently have you set up your greenhouse? With the WPS automation solutions you can win extra growing space. And that means more plants per square meter and more profits.

The goal of growing cannabis is to prepare all the products for extraction as quickly and efficiently as possible. The SmartFlo conveyor belts eliminate unnecessary human movements and reduces time spent on mundane tasks. A 5-minute walk across the greenhouse, indoor or outdoor facility and another 5-minute walk back adds up, and that is a poor utilization of time and resources.
Automation solution for cannabis growers, like conveyor belts,  move product more efficiently than humans. The SmartFlo conveyor system can also be delivered as a mobile transporting system, which gives you the flexibility you perhaps need. It helps you to cultivate cannabis plants,spacing them and transporting them. The wide conveyor belt is suitable for transporting large pots and trays.

Our automation solutions for cannabis growers:

SmartFlo system

SmartFlo for cannabis growersThe SmartFlo system will automate your cannabis business operations. The SmartFlo conveyor belt modules are online connected, so you can tailor the system exactly to your needs. The SmartFlo system works best in moving your plants in pots from one growing stage to the other, for example from vegetative stage to flowering stage.  

The SmartFlo conveyor belt system moves plants more efficiently than humans. You can easily adjust the routes and with the different 'plug ins' you can cross paths is your nursery or greenhouse. Small plants, big plants or trays: SmartFlo transports every plant to the right place. This will save you labor costs and leaves you with happy workers because their working environment will improve. You can upgrade your SmartFlo system with a watering unit. More information 



Walking Plant System

WALKING PLANT SYSTEM (7) (Custom)The Walking Plant System is a fully automatic cultivation system, using conveyor belts and gutters. In the Walking Plant System, the cannabis plants are cultivated in gutters on a belt. They are moved using smart shuttles (robots). When filling the gutter, the robot picks up the plants from the main conveyor belt and places them into the designated cutter. Your cannabis plants can be left in the gutters during the entire cultivation period. Spacing of plants is one of the most labor intensive activities in a nursery. The Walking Plant System does this 100% automatically.Therefore, more frequent spacing can be done without extra costs. Leaving you with a plant of higher quality.

Growing plants in gutters makes them more robust and growth rate is increasing due to a good micro-climate. 

Mobile Conveyor belts

Do you want to move your cannabis plants efficiently and maintain flexibility? The WPS mobile conveyor belts are the right choice! They transport your plants from one stage to the other, or from one place to the other, without people hurting their backs. But you still be flexible, because you can move the conveyor belt easily across your facility.

Mobile conveyors for cannabis growers

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